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You never know the confidential of lanyard quality control from factory

With the development of promotional product, lanyard industry is booming and promotional gifts have become an trend in the event, conference, school and other occasions.Custom lanyards become hot products in this tendency, so the quality of custom lanyards has become an important part for the importer or manufacturer. Do your organization struggle with quality problems? Do you also agree high quality products have become the best customer service than everything? But have you consider why the bad quality and printing issues have often happened with your custom lanyards? Once finding these problems, you must confused how it happened and how to solve it? Now, 4inlanyard will tell you the truth and give the most effective ways to solve these problems.

lanyard produce

  1. Find the problems

Do you meet these quality issues for your custom lanyards? Most of people still think it’s happened by nature.Once we find these problems, we must attention for the quality.Now, let’s look at the problems that you may meet frequently.

  • Problems 1 . A lanyard is squished

Many customers complain about having the quality issues with lanyards that are printed on both sides. Most of the times, they claim the lanyards are squished and look like they’ve been worn for years, though they bought it yesterday, for example.Have a look at the picture and compare these two lanyards to see the difference. Remember, quality is above all.


  • Problems 2. The small logo peels off from the lanyard

When your lanyard logo have some small letters and after these small letters imprint in the lanyards, they will be not clear or peels off the lanyards. Most of lanyard supplier will ignore the difference. As results, the small letter have deficiency in the lanyards.

lanyard types

  • Problems 3. Poor quality of full-color lanyards

The full-color lanyards are excellent for multi-color designs, but the quality of them is sometimes disappointing.  there are a few issues that you might have to deal with, such as logo is not center enough for both side printing, ghosting and silk staining.

full color lanyard

  • Problems 4. The lanyard’s color doesn’t match Pantone

The lanyard’s color should definitely match the color of Pantone as it represent customer’s logo. But sometimes people fail to notice this problem. The colorant is very important, though. We use only high quality colorant to make sure the color fastness, and provide high degree of accuracy.

lanyard pantone color

  • Problems 5. The lanyard color fastness is not well

Some customers complain about When wearing custom lanyards , the lanyard color will be dye in the cloth, it means the lanyard color is fade, so the cloth have been dye by the lanyards. It must worried by many people.Look at the pictures.

lanyard fastest


  • Problems 6. The logo print in the lanyard are not central enough

When the artwork is finished, the logo will be imprint in the lanyards well -organized. But sometimes, you can find logos are not central in the lanyards. Some logo located in medium high or low.

lanyard central

  1. How to solve these problems?
  • Method for squished lanyard

The thing is, there is a huge difference between the qualities for each side of the lanyard. And it’s all about the temperature of ironing material. We give higher temperature while pressing materials to make sure the fluff don’t pull out when we print logo on both sides. If your lanyard is a bit squished, contact your supplier as soon as possible. Have a look at the picture and compare these two lanyards to see the difference. Remember, quality is above all.

flat polyester lanyard


  • Method for small logo peels off from the lanyard

That’s what we call ‘glue print.’ We print a transparent dielectric paste onto the lanyard material first, and then print a white logo onto it to make the text more clearly. If your supplier uses a poor quality transparent dielectric paste, the logo can easily peel off in a matter of a few day, especially during the wet season.There is another reason why some lanyards are of poor quality. If the lanyard material and the printing paste don’t match, the logo can peel off faster than you think. Therefore, when looking for lanyards, make sure your supplier uses the right lanyard material.

lanyard small logo

  • Method for Poor quality of full-color lanyards

Full color lanyards (heat transfer lanyards) use the high temperature to imprint the multi-color lanyards or gradient. But for the reasons of double image is often various, like the lanyard shrink or the template is not in the correct position in the printing process. Above problems can be eliminate when choose the lanyard material and control the right temperature of printing machine. Above methods can prevent the double image that happened in full color lanyards frequently.A qualified lanyard can be guaranteed is important.

dye sublimation lanyard


  • Method for lanyard’s color doesn’t match Pantone

The lanyard’s color should definitely match the color of Pantone. But sometimes people fail to notice this problem. The colorant is very important, though. We use only high quality colorant to make sure the color fastness, and provide high degree of accuracy. Pantone color can be regarded as the common used in market. You can visit our website or give us specific pantone number, we will make an artwork according to the color you gave. It’s can guarantee the high match of color.

lanyard for color

  • Method for lanyard color fastness not well

Most of lanyard color dye on the cloth is the lack of color fastness. In order to solve this kinds of issues, we will select the material supplier which provide the well of color fastness and then we will test the color fastness for the lanyards by our useful method. That can guarantee the quality of lanyard and not peer off in the cloth.

lanyard with fastest

  • Method for the logo print in the lanyard are not central enough

Some customers will find the custom lanyards logo will not be in central enough if carefully see it.Mostly, the reasons of logo not in central is the template is not fit in the table printing, then the logo may be a little high or slow,another reasons may be the printing table should be perfectly straight, if the printing table bend or curve , when use the template to print the logo, the logo will also be not in central naturally.

heat transfer

  1. The production process of lanyard printing

First of all, our artwork designer will design artwork according to the customers requirements. Then, we will use the film printer to print a film with the customer’s logo. The pictures is like this:


Secondly, the film with logo will be put in the printing-down machine, then, let the film stick to the template with photo-sensitive resist,after exposure time is 1-2 minutes, the logo will be imprint in the template with photo-sensitive resist.After expose, the template will be like this:

expose machine

Thirdly, the template have been exposed , we should wash the template by water. In this process, you should care of the Intensity of the water. Then the logo will be show on the template. You can see the amazing process by the image.


Finally, the template have logo on it after wash by the water. , we should use the dryer for make the template is dry for print the logo into lanyard. This process may continue for nearly 30 minutes for make the template dry.


Above all is the whole production process of silk screen printing process. You can see the whole process clearly and know your custom lanyards how to produced, you can rest assured that the quality of custom lanyards.



Quality is always important factors whatever any products. As a promotional products for event or important conference, the quality of custom lanyards is of great concern for customers. 4inlanyard always concern the quality and meet the customers needs perfectly. We focus on customers experience on the process of service and guaranteed.