definitive guide of promotional gifts

Marketing has become an incredibly clever form of publicity – after all, it seems that no matter where we turn, there is advertising of some sort or another. Whether it be television adverts, bus ads, magazine adverts, online banners, social media and sponsored ad, it seems to be never ending.

And yet Promotional products have been a popular choice for building brand recognition during marketing campaigns for many years.It is important to show that promotional products and branded gifts have a positive effect on your brand and sales.

different kind of promotional products


You never know the confidential of lanyard quality control from factory

With the development of promotional product, lanyard industry is booming and promotional gifts have become an trend in the event, conference, school and other occasions.Custom lanyards become hot products in this tendency, so the quality of custom lanyards has become an important part for the importer or manufacturer. Do your organization struggle with quality problems? Do you also agree high quality products have become the best customer service than everything? But have you consider why the bad quality and printing issues have often happened with your custom lanyards? Once finding these problems, you must confused how it happened and how to solve it? Now, 4inlanyard will tell you the truth and give the most effective ways to solve these problems.

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You never thought of badge reel can use that

Badge reel are not by definition a lanyard, but are fast becoming the employee id badge holder of choice for many small and large companies. It must you gain kind of honor or job,when you have a badge.Badges have relevant to our daily work,and you with a badge is representative of the company image.There is no attachment in badge can directly hung on clothes,so you must need a badge reels which can help you wear the badge.lanyard is a important helper to badge reels  which can make badge free,and people will pay more attention on badge.

analytices for badge reels


4 Point You Must Know About Badge Holders

Badge holders are a great ID accessory tool for protecting your ID cards from daily wear and tear, and work well with lanyards, reels, and strap clips. And anti-print transfer holders make sure your card design doesn’t leave an imprint on the holder when you take it out. If you want to choose a suitable badge holders for you, you must think about the questions above for you !
badge holders and badge reel


lanyard design

Lanyard design

Lanyard design will make your business’s logo design on your lanyard, we’ll create custom-made lanyards that let you pick specific colors and designs as well. Many prefer rope material to be a plain single color whereas many others brand the string line. Nowadays, custom lanyard have been an trend and popular by most of people and a lanyard design is absolutely important. A perfect lanyard design can make your logo more impressive and better for advertising and branding. 4inlanyard is a custom lanyard factory which can provide the free artwork and customized suggestions for different customers.

1. First of all, customer give us a vector image and they want to logo imprint on what kinds of lanyards. Secondly, our designer will choose the lanyard style which most suited for the logo and our professional designer use the graphic software to put the logo in the lanyards fitly and concordantly. Like this:

lanyard artwork