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Custom Badge Holders

Custom badge holders are used in various areas nowadays, once identification badges or cards have been designed and printed, they need to be protected in order to stand up to the rigors of daily use. 4inlanyard offers a variety of badge holders that will protect your credentials from bending, tearing, water damage and more, all while keeping them visible and readily accessible.

Now custom your badge holders for  added professionalism

Badge holders are an excellent way to both display and protect an ID credential, making them popular for use at offices, trade shows, conventions and more. Adding a logo to these holders makes them an excellent way to promote one’s brand or organization: every time someone looks at the holder to identify its wearer, there’s your logo! 4inlanyard offers a variety of sizes and proportions to fit your ID, VIP pass,accesscard, for conference, seminars, events and exhibitions. Please let us know if you want to bespoke your pouch size.

  • Choice: 4inlanyard offering of badge holders is broad, including rigid card holders and Round/Slot hole Soft Badge Holders and more. Customization options vary based on the type of holder, but nearly all holders can be customized with a logo, graphic or line of text of some kind.
  • Colors: Select rigid card holders can be customized in different colors and Rigid card holders are stronger and more durable than soft badge holder, they are usually used by standard size.
  • Professional assistance: While custom badge holders can’t be designed online, our customer service team will work with you to create custom badge holders of the highest quality. From proofing to shipping, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure you receive quality custom goods.

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Round/Slot hole Soft Badge Holders

Our soft badge holder are made from a clear PVC material, they are flexible and with very low price.ENQUIRE NOW!



Creditcard Size:86*56mm

only $0.065 each



Portrait size: 88*138mm

only $0.078 each



Custom Size: as your request

as low as $0.05 each

Rigid Card Holder

Rigid card holders are stronger and more durable than soft badge holder, they are usually used by standard size.ENQUIRE NOW!



Closed rigid card holder

Credit card size:86*56mm

only $0.158 each



Open rigid card holder

Credit card size:86*56mm

only $0.158 each



Colored rigid card holder

Credit card size:86*56mm

only $0.158 each

Custom Badge Holders always accompany with you ID card:

  • Custom Badge holders for conventions: 4inlanyard offers both rigid and soft badge holders that are ideal for large-scale use at meetings and conventions. These holders are available in horizontal and vertical orientations and with clips or with slot and chain holes.
  • Badge holders for active personnel: While many employees wear their employee badges around the office, active industries like construction or security require a different kind of credential protection. 4inlanayrd badge holders are the perfect badge holders for construction workers, rigid badge holders provide sturdy resistance to bending and moisture, making them ideal badge holders for active employees.
  • Proximity card holders: Available in multiple sizes and materials, 4inlanyard proximity card holders feature a slot for easy attachment using a badge reel,lanyard or strap clip. Proximity card holders are available in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

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