You never thought custom lanyard can a huge influence for you company

Have you still think “you have to spend money to make money”? Do you ever think custom lanyard is the most economy way to advertise your company? Being in custom lanyards since over 10 years, 4inlanyard can tell you the truth.

A 2004 study of business travellers at DFW Airport revealed that 70 percent of business people reported having received a promotional product in the last 12 months. Of that group, 33.7 percent had the custom lanyard on their person and 76.1 percent could recall the advertiser’s name! 52 percent of that group did business with the advertiser after receiving the custom lanyards and 52.1 percent reported their impression of the advertiser was more favorable after receiving the custom lanyards .

Have you seen a walking billboard? Well, that’s what custom lanyard are when they are used or worn by people. You get free advertising and it reaches a lot of people. You don’t even need word of mouth for it.custom lanyard are very effective in showing off your own brand.

In conclusion, you could spend a good chunk of your marketing dollars on traditional advertising and hope that the right people get the message or you could use much less of that marketing budget to have your target audience take action, thereby garnering much greater results. Use custom lanyards to make a more impressionable image for your company,you will can’t image the influence to your company by custom lanyards.

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5 reasons to choose 4inlanyard

Custom lanyards have become one of the most common and effective methods to advertise a business or promote a particular cause or campaign. Lanyards provide an easy way to carry any small, important items ranging from ID badges to keys to cell phones. Companies and organizations across the world use custom lanyards as promotional products simply because they’re an item people use every day. What better way to advertise your business than by printing your name or logo on an item people rely on so often? Why choose 4inlanyard as your top choice?

Lanyard expert with 10 years experience in lanyard industry.  We’ve been selling lanyards for 10 years, and we’ve boiled it all down to three basic ideas – the best products, sold with the best customer service, at the best prices. It’s a pretty simple concept, but it works for us and our customers. We’re committed to being your choice for lanyard providers

Professional lanyard factory . We offer lanyards for every budget, from economical badge holders to custom-imprinted colorful designs that will showcase your message or logo without ever peeling, cracking or fading. Take a look at the variety of lanyards we offer, and you’re sure to find one that will fit your needs.Value is part of our custom lanyard equation too. We offer free artwork and revisions, free Pantone color matching, price matching.

Lowest price with quality products.  4inlanyard is a lanyard factory,so we can offer the lowest price and nobody can beat the same time , because we are a lanyard factory, we can control the quality and the delivery of products that surpass any traders. So, we offer the traders service and factory price.

The best customer service. As for customer service, we’re dedicated to living up to your highest expectations. We don’t believe in sneaky, hidden fees. We do our best to make the ordering process fast, easy, and even fun. We treat our customers the same way we would expect to be treated if we were placing the order. We respect your time, your budget and your lanyard needs.

custom lanyard full of love,enthusiasm.  4inlanyard is a lanyard family. Working in 4inlanyard,you will find it’s a family rather than a company.Everyone have great passion to do everything and every lanyards are pour into our enthusiasm.

We’ll be happy to share our ideas and experience and help you to make an illustration for 4inlanyard. Above all, If a lanyard factory can do that why not choose 4inlanyard ?

The world’s only course help you learn expertise of custom lanyard!

Have you found anything wrong of above lanyard? You are right,the logo peels of from lanyard,so do you know what make it happens?

1.We usually call this kind of print is “glue print” as in order to make the texts more clearly,we print a transparent dielectric paste on lanyard material at first,then print white logo on it,the main reason is when your supplier use a poor quality transparent dielectric paste, the logo will easy to peels of when the wet season.

2.There is another reason may cause it happen,if the lanyard material and the Printing paste can’t match,the logo will also easy to peels of.The lanyard material chosen is also very important.

The correct printing quality should be as below:

Do you get many excuses from your suppliers who told you this issue can’t avoid and you feel very helpless of your client?

Do you still trust only supplier but afraid to change alternative one just be afraid even not good as present one?

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5 ways let you know more about custom lanyard style for prompt your brand

Flat polyester lanyard
Flat polyester lanyard offer a near perfect balance of high performance product and a great low price.These are our most popular style of customized lanyards. Starting with a top quality polyester material,your text and logos are imprinted on to the surface using state-of-the-art screen printing process,which produces vibrant and highly wear-resistant printed lanyards.

Heat transfer lanyard
What makes full color lanyards different? Produced on our soft, thick satin material,The text or logo isn’t just printed onto the surface of the polyester material. Instead it’s dyed all the way into the fabric. The result is an imprint that won’t crack, peel or fade. Also heat transfer printing lanyards provide incredible detail and clarity, and present your individual design with photographic quality.Ideal for multi-color, edge to edge printing and color gradients logo.

Tubular lanyard
Tubular Lanyards are made of from tube-stitched softer material similar to a shoelace. The manufacturing process of the imprinted tube polyester lanyard gives the product a stretchability feel and makes the lanyards soft and comfortable to wear. These lanyards are small enough to place your text and/or logos but not to increase the price.

Nylon lanyard
Nylon lanyards are a perfect match for most detail text and logo printing.The smoother surface allows your lanyard imprint to be more define and show superior detail.Nylon Lanyards are similar to the polyester printed lanyards but are thicker and shinier.Hard wearing and long lasting,nylon neck lanyards are tough, durable and the nylon fabric doesn’t wrinkle like other materials.

Woven lanyard
If you want your custom lanyards to have an elegant, finished appearance, woven polyester lanyards are the perfect solution. Woven polyester lanyards weave your message or logo into the lanyard with thread, using a process similar to embroidery. Because of this weaving process, woven lanyards are best for simple logos or text, since more elaborate lettering will not be legible.


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Meet Einstein in 4inlanyard

Do you have a illusion that Einstein had a photo with me? No no no! This is Professor Gary, who is very similar to Einstein, he had a visit to 4in lanyard in March, 2015. and had a high praise about the products made by 4in lanyard. Nice man,see you next year and hope you can bring some inspiration to 4inlanyard so that we can create some new lanyard products.


heat transfer lanyard

Personalized lanyards

What is personalized lanyards we provide?
Personalized lanyards offer full personalization, with a logo, message, or other type of design. With a wide range of lanyard colors available, adding a Personalized design makes the lanyards even more desirable. Anything from a company logo to a business motto to a special catchphrase — all are great design ideas.

Lanyards are printed or woven with different kinds of artwork preferred by the customer. They are not just printed with easy designs; more commonly favored are lanyards with organizational or team/group designs logos and logos on it. They are worn around the neck for display the logos and design printed on it as part of a fashion trend.

Different types of materials are used in making personalized lanyards. There are plenty of reasons why certain materials prove to be of higher quality or more costly than the other. The type of material used to provide for the user’s comfort and also to provide for its end-purpose in relevance to durability and logo quality. Commonly used materials  in lanyards are nylon, polyester, tube and woven.

Polyester is one of the most popular materials frequently used in personalized lanyards.  The process of synthesizing and manufacturing polyester-type lanyards produces a high-quality, affordable, and safe-to-use product that can be used anytime, anywhere. Polyester is more flexible because it does not wrinkle easily.

Nylon, even though the least inexpensive type of personalized lanyard material, is popular for its durability. Nylon is a thermoplastic (can be molded at high temperatures), silky material that is thicker and shinier than polyester lanyards. Designs, like polyester, are also imprinted on it through silkscreen. Nylon is perfect for complex text and logos, and because of the glossy look of the material, it allows the designs to stand out from the background, making it eye-catching and pretty.

Even though some of the information given here might  people interested in purchasing personalized lanyards, it is important to know what type to buy because different materials indicate different tendencies in terms of use, quality, and even aestheticism. A consumer must be knowledgeable when it comes to products in order to not waste money and purchase the most suitable one.
Where personalized lanyards use for?
Personalized lanyards are mostly  used in Schools

Personalized lanyards are a great way to show school can create lanyards featuring your school’s name, logo – all matched to your school colors. Students and teachers often wear personalized school lanyards when a school requires identification to regularly be shown or used. School students also often use their school’s lanyards to hold their keys, letting the lanyard material hang out of a pocket.

In Government Organizations

 When it comes to working in a government organizations , identification is required at all times. Whether you’re going through a security checkpoint or passing documents between offices, you’ll need to frequently show your ID and wearing it around your neck is often the easiest way to keep it handy. Personalized lanyards allow you to represent your department by showing its name across the material. You can then attach your ID card directly to a lanyard’s attachment.

 In Companies/Business/Organizations

In the workplace, personalized lanyard are often used for identification, both by having the organization name and logo printed or woven onto the lanyard and by attaching name badges or ID cards to them. In addition, badge holders and/or retractable badge reels are often ordered with the lanyards.

At Conventions

When thousands of people are flowing through a convention hall, it’s a necessity to keep track of them using personalized lanyards. No convention is complete without its attendees wearing personalized lanyards.You have the ability to add value to your convention by giving attendees personalized lanyards with the convention name and logo on them. You can also feature your convention’s sponsors on the personalized lanyards, getting their message across to all attendees. Conventions often order the same design across multiple colors of lanyards for different categories of attendees.

As Promotional Giveaways

If you’re attending a special event, or manning a convention booth, or hosting a business partypersonalized lanyards featuring your company’s name and logo are excellent promotional giveaways that ensure your product is remembered after the event is finish. The most effective promotional use of personalized lanyards is to upgrade the attachment and style.

At Sporting Events

Whether you want to show spirit or unity in the players on your team, personalized lanyards featuring your team’s colors and logo are perfect. We can feature any combination of your team’s name, logo, and slogan.

At workshop

At manufacturing jobs,personalized lanyards with safety breakaways are a must! In the event that a lanyard becomes snagged on equipment or machinery, the lanyard will detach, preventing injury to the wearer. Breakaways also make it easy to use any frequently used items on the lanyards. is your one-stop shop for all things lanyard! With plenty of different types of lanyards at unbeatable prices, we offer the best value for your money. Choose us, and we’ll do everything we can to save you as much money as possible, while providing only the highest quality personalized lanyards,email us at [email protected] or fill out our free quote form to get started. Let us design some personalized lanyards for your workplace!


Retractable id badge holder

What is Retractable ID badge holder?
Badge reels are retractable after the string pulled out from reels. Retractable reels come with a variety of attachments, such as badge straps, badge clips, key The stylish carabiner retractable badge holders come with badge straps can snap-on your name badge holders, ID cards, name tags easily! Great Looks, Multiple Colors Retracting ID Card/Badge Reel, 30” Retractable Nylon Cord.Custom Badge Reels, Retractable ID Holders, Name Badges, ID Cards and Name Tags.These unique retractable ID badge holders are personalized as your request or we can tailored for you, choice of eight colorful reel options, with ID badge holder we are also many choices for you(soft or rigid with different colors).Everything is prepared for your advertising and promotion,but it seems we forgot something important? You are right,We also offer many types of custom lanyards with unbeatable prices.

Who increase your ID cards security and promote your brand?
We can printing your logo onto ID cards holder and Retractable id badge reels which can help you to prompt your brand. Also when we discussing ID cards, there are a variety of options for keeping these items safe. ID card holders are essential, but businesses and organizations should carefully consider which ones they are going to use to reduce the chance that these cards will be lost.
One of the ways to keep ID cards safe is to use badge reels. These reels are retractable devices that can help keep badges secure. We have a variety of these items for anyone who wants to see what a difference they can make in both convenience and security. A round one which can connect with custom lanyard directly.Another item is the carabiner badge reels which more stable and have a metal clip at the back of reel,etc…

Please contact us if you have any insisted on it and we will give advise to you.


Three ways to let you know what is a lanyard

Lanyard—Your best choice of promotion gift.
A lanyard is a cord or strap that is worn around the neck to hold an identification badge, whistle, keys or other small object. You can see lanyards in use everywhere by businesses, schools, hospitals, at special events, conventions, reunions, and in many recreational activities.

Lanyards can also be used as an advertising tool with a customized logo or name printed on the strap. They come in various colors and types with different hardware attached at the bottom for holding an ID badge holder, retractable badge reels etc..

Lanyards can be made of cord, cotton, nylon or polyester twill. The cord type is the least expensive but cannot be printed because it lacks the flat surface of the strap-type. Some have a small bulb containing a retractable reel to use with an ID badge or keys. They might also have breakaway connectors so that if the lanyard gets caught it will release before it pulls on the neck.

The strap-type lanyards can be made of cotton, polytwill or nylon and are often printed with a company or team name, product or logo. There are generally three different printing methods used: screen printing lanyard, woven lanyard or dye sublimation lanyard.
Lanyards don’t just hold your ID.
Lanyards can also be a form of self expression that lets the world know what social issues you care about. An example might be breast cancer awareness lanyard or asupport our troops lanyard or a patriotic lanyard design. Since both causes are always popular, you might get a pink lanyard or a patriotic lanyard with your logo and text message showing your support.

Today, the lanyard business is booming. Many companies continue to purchase lanyards by the thousands for their employees. Even when custom printed with company names, logos, symbols, or slogans, lanyards are relatively inexpensive. Lanyards serve as an effective and convenient source of advertising when worn at trade shows or given away for promotional purposes. Lanyards are popular for their ability to keep important objects close at hand while simultaneously keeping hands free. Lanyards are used in official capacities by military and government personnel to hold security cards or other things they need to produce without any delay.
Where are lanyards usually use for ?
Conference identification: Your conference or event is probably not free entry. In which case you will want to be able to identify people who are meant to be there, or perhaps you have a panel of VIPs or delegates or maybe you have restricted access areas. It is important to be able to quickly identify people with access to these areas, without security staff pestering them for credentials or information. You can use simple unprinted lanyards in different colors to identify people of varying security access. Or a color coded ID card hanging from the clip.

Advertising beacon: As we mention above, print your logo, branding or contact details onto the lanyard length and get your staff or conference visitors wearing your logo! This creates awareness and people usually keep lanyards for use at home or around the office after your event. Staff will wear them out on lunch break or use them while not at work too! We were attending an automotive event last year, and spotted a company selling lanyards with their brand printed along the length of the lanyard for $10. Now that is a great way to raise money for a charity or non profit organization.

Secure locations and complexes: Entry to secure premises requires an ID card or swipe key. Sometimes even an RFID chip or card, this can be hung from a lanyard and worn around the neck by your staff to allow them easier use of their ID cards and prevent them losing their ID which in some cases can be a real disaster. Not to mention that RFID chips can cost a fortune and if lost, you don’t want to be replacing a $100+ worth of RFID chips.

Hospital staff: Pens are in non stop, flat out demand in hospitals. Did you know you can actually make a strap with a special fitting designed just to carry your pen around your neck. The strap also features a safety fitting to prevent strangulation in case someone grabs the lanyard or it gets caught on machinery or equipment. These are excellent in medical facilities and around government institutions because of their safety rating and ability to free up the hands of nurses and medical personnel in certain situations.

Parties & social events: Cruising for example requires people to carry a lanyard with their cruise card. We have also seen some really awesome parties where lanyards were thrown out to party goers, including a huge beach party where people wore specific lanyard colors to display marital status and also a small gathering where people were given a number hung from a lanyard to enter a competition during the event! Again, as mentioned earlier people hold onto these kinds of items for keepsake and this create a strong brand awareness for your company.

Custom wristbands for Festival promotion efforts

Custom wristbands with your festival’s name, logo, and colors can be a valuable part of your festival promotion efforts. Send them along with invitations or event passes/tickets to the festival. If people who receive the wristbands use them ahead of the festival, they’ll serve as eye-catching “billboards” for your upcoming event.

4inlanyard can also serve a few important purposes during and after your festival. At the event, festival goers can use the wristbands as a convenient way to keep track of personal belongings such as their tickets and/or event badges. Afterward, they can keep the wristbands as keepsakes to remind them of the fun they had at the festival.

If you’re interested in ordering wristbands for an upcoming festival, the 4inlanyard team can help you design attention-getting custom wristbands. Contact us today and emailing [email protected]  to get a no obligation, free price quote and free artwork. We are a Chinese lanyard factory expert,nobody can beat our price!!!