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Three ways to let you know what is a lanyard

Lanyard—Your best choice of promotion gift.

A lanyard is a cord or strap that is worn around the neck to hold an identification badge, whistle, keys or other small object. You can see lanyards in use everywhere by businesses, schools, hospitals, at special events, conventions, reunions, and in many recreational activities.

Lanyards can also be used as an advertising tool with a customized logo or name printed on the strap. They come in various colors and types with different hardware attached at the bottom for holding an ID badge holder, retractable badge reels etc..

Lanyards can be made of cord, cotton, nylon or polyester twill. The cord type is the least expensive but cannot be printed because it lacks the flat surface of the strap-type. Some have a small bulb containing a retractable reel to use with an ID badge or keys. They might also have breakaway connectors so that if the lanyard gets caught it will release before it pulls on the neck.

The strap-type lanyards can be made of cotton, polytwill or nylon and are often printed with a company or team name, product or logo. There are generally three different printing methods used: screen printing lanyard, woven lanyard or dye sublimation lanyard.

Lanyards don’t just hold your ID.

Lanyards can also be a form of self expression that lets the world know what social issues you care about. An example might be breast cancer awareness lanyard or asupport our troops lanyard or a patriotic lanyard design. Since both causes are always popular, you might get a pink lanyard or a patriotic lanyard with your logo and text message showing your support.

Today, the lanyard business is booming. Many companies continue to purchase lanyards by the thousands for their employees. Even when custom printed with company names, logos, symbols, or slogans, lanyards are relatively inexpensive. Lanyards serve as an effective and convenient source of advertising when worn at trade shows or given away for promotional purposes. Lanyards are popular for their ability to keep important objects close at hand while simultaneously keeping hands free. Lanyards are used in official capacities by military and government personnel to hold security cards or other things they need to produce without any delay.

Where are lanyards usually use for ?

Conference identification: Your conference or event is probably not free entry. In which case you will want to be able to identify people who are meant to be there, or perhaps you have a panel of VIPs or delegates or maybe you have restricted access areas. It is important to be able to quickly identify people with access to these areas, without security staff pestering them for credentials or information. You can use simple unprinted lanyards in different colors to identify people of varying security access. Or a color coded ID card hanging from the clip.

Advertising beacon: As we mention above, print your logo, branding or contact details onto the lanyard length and get your staff or conference visitors wearing your logo! This creates awareness and people usually keep lanyards for use at home or around the office after your event. Staff will wear them out on lunch break or use them while not at work too! We were attending an automotive event last year, and spotted a company selling lanyards with their brand printed along the length of the lanyard for $10. Now that is a great way to raise money for a charity or non profit organization.

Secure locations and complexes: Entry to secure premises requires an ID card or swipe key. Sometimes even an RFID chip or card, this can be hung from a lanyard and worn around the neck by your staff to allow them easier use of their ID cards and prevent them losing their ID which in some cases can be a real disaster. Not to mention that RFID chips can cost a fortune and if lost, you don’t want to be replacing a $100+ worth of RFID chips.

Hospital staff: Pens are in non stop, flat out demand in hospitals. Did you know you can actually make a strap with a special fitting designed just to carry your pen around your neck. The strap also features a safety fitting to prevent strangulation in case someone grabs the lanyard or it gets caught on machinery or equipment. These are excellent in medical facilities and around government institutions because of their safety rating and ability to free up the hands of nurses and medical personnel in certain situations.

Parties & social events: Cruising for example requires people to carry a lanyard with their cruise card. We have also seen some really awesome parties where lanyards were thrown out to party goers, including a huge beach party where people wore specific lanyard colors to display marital status and also a small gathering where people were given a number hung from a lanyard to enter a competition during the event! Again, as mentioned earlier people hold onto these kinds of items for keepsake and this create a strong brand awareness for your company.