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Have you found anything wrong of above lanyard? You are right,the logo peels of from lanyard,so do you know what make it happens?

1.We usually call this kind of print is “glue print” as in order to make the texts more clearly,we print a transparent dielectric paste on lanyard material at first,then print white logo on it,the main reason is when your supplier use a poor quality transparent dielectric paste, the logo will easy to peels of when the wet season.

2.There is another reason may cause it happen,if the lanyard material and the Printing paste can’t match,the logo will also easy to peels of.The lanyard material chosen is also very important.

The correct printing quality should be as below:

Do you get many excuses from your suppliers who told you this issue can’t avoid and you feel very helpless of your client?

Do you still trust only supplier but afraid to change alternative one just be afraid even not good as present one?

Please connect with your lanyard expert-4inlanyard,email us at:[email protected] or visit our site:4inlanyard.com to know more about us.