lanyard design

Lanyard design

Lanyard design will make your business’s logo design on your lanyard, we’ll create custom-made lanyards that let you pick specific colors and designs as well. Many prefer rope material to be a plain single color whereas many others brand the string line. Nowadays, custom lanyard have been an trend and popular by most of people and a lanyard design is absolutely important. A perfect lanyard design can make your logo more impressive and better for advertising and branding. 4inlanyard is a custom lanyard factory which can provide the free artwork and customized suggestions for different customers.

1. First of all, customer give us a vector image and they want to logo imprint on what kinds of lanyards. Secondly, our designer will choose the lanyard style which most suited for the logo and our professional designer use the graphic software to put the logo in the lanyards fitly and concordantly. Like this:

lanyard artwork



Only 5 ways let you learn all about Custom Lanyards

Looking for high quality custom lanyards? You’ve come to the right place! Don’t you wish that there was a little guide to help you know how to choose and invest in custom lanyards without regretting it later? We will help you learn more information about custom lanyards to avoid detours and save your money. Read on and feel free to contact us to get the best proposal from our professional team.

1. Promotional Product Market Analysis

Promotional products such as pens, stock cards,and plush toys are the items used to promote a product, service or company program, including advertising specialties, premiums, business gifts, incentives, awards, prizes, and other imprinted or decorated items. There are some data analyses that show the importance of promotional products.

Studies prove a promotional product is a must

According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI):

  • 94 percent of customers could recall the promotional products they had received in the past two years.
  • 89 percent could also recall the advertiser.
  • 83 percent reported they were happy to receive promotional products.
  • 48 percent would like to get promotional products more frequently.
  • 69 percent tend to keep the promotional products.promotional products demand


A new way to looking for lanyard supplier

Alibaba, founded in 1999, set a world record in 2015, completing the largest IPO in history. Today, Alibaba is 3 times larger than Amazon. The company, growing exponentially, sends reverberations through most B2B industries. The promotional products industry is particularly affected because delivery cycles, to meet event dates, can be critical.

The Alibaba-effect has caused great pressure on selling price, increased total rush orders, and reduced delivery time for an already tight event-based business.

making lanyard 阅读更多

You Don’t Know The Secret About Badge Holder

It must you gain kind of honor or job,when you have a badge.Badges have relevant to our daily work,and you with a badge is representative of the company image.There is no attachment in badge can directly hung on clothes,so you must need a badge holder which can help you wear the badge.lanyard is a important helper to badge holder, which can make badge free,and people will pay more attention on badge.

But your badge holder needs to be more special adornment that can make work not drab.Company logo printed on the lanyard could improve the company’s image and brand promotion. Impressive & full color company logo can make people impressed. 阅读更多

3 secrets your chinese lanyard supplier not tell you

For any buyer, to make a safe deal with a Chinese lanyard supplier is a challenge. There are many details to check in your order, such as: delivery time, pricing, other expenses, ensure that the final custom lanyards is done according to the specifications you requested .
Even when looking at the most experienced suppliers, manufacturers and vendors in China, the language barrier and cultural differences within their partners can put to risk the whole order due to a tiny error or misunderstandings.

We are a lanyard factory not traders.Most of lanyards traders would say that but they can’t offer the factory price and may be the quality is a problems,You can think that ,if you send a enquiry in alibaba,you will get thousands of reply,but some of factory,and other is traders.Most of them can’t control the quality and delivery.
 This is printing issues can’t be solved. Do you often heard your supplier told you that the printing issues is natural things in the printing? Do you really think it;s can’t solved? The reason is they only a trader that they can’t care about the printing problems or others.
Low price really mean inferior quality?Do you often hearing from your supplier that they offer the best quality custom lanyards rather than a low price.     Sometimes, low price does’t mean the inferior quality.we should considering the many factors when import from china.

4inlanyard is a lanyards factory with 10 years experience in lanyard industry.Cooperated with 4inlanyard, you can get not only the high quality custom lanyards with lowest price but also you can benefit from our 10 years experience in lanyard. More lanyard issues or any interest, please contact:[email protected] or

Awareness lanyard types

It’s very important part for social awareness in 21st century life. and there are a variety of causes that people work for and promote, such as curing cancer, saving the planet, and preventing domestic violence.

Here are several awareness ribbon  lanyards that you can choose from to promote your cause.

Green Ribbon: It’s about for environment protection awareness.and other causes include organ donation and transplant, and aware of Mitochondrial disease, a genetic disorder.  Pink Ribbon:  Pink ribbons stand for breast cancer awareness and are often seen worn by participants of such events as Walk for the Cure and organizations. 


Purple Ribbon: The purple ribbon is used to promote a variety of causes. These range from curing cancers such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma and pancreatic cancer, as well as promoting awareness of such debilitating illnesses as lupus, epilepsy, and fibromyalgia. Purple ribbons can also be worn to show support for domestic violence victims and to promote religious tolerance.Red Ribbon: This is another popular ribbon and it’s worn to promote AIDS awareness. It can also be worn to show support for victims of vasculitis (an inflammation of the blood vessels) and for awareness campaigns such as Red Ribbon Week, a drug and alcohol abuse prevention effort.White Ribbon: This ribbon, like the purple ribbon, is also worn to foster awareness of the need to prevent domestic violence.


The world’s only course help you learn expertise of custom lanyard! Lesson-2

What your most common issues of your full color printing(sublimation) lanyards?
Please refer to the three images below and can you found something?

Now let 4inlanyard tell you about these three issues we frequently meet.

The Silk stains easily if the lanyard material is light color,like white or light green.
The logo Show ghosting.
The logo peels off from the edge of lanyard.

4inlanyard factory usually have a seminar meeting about our lanyards quality,this is our standard heat transfer printing lanyard issues but our workshop and QC department can control it very well,so if you have the same issues with your supplier,please contact me at:[email protected] or visit our

3 tips for buy promotional products

It’s no secret that promotional products can be a highly effective addition to your existing marketing strategy especially in lanyards. If use promotional products correctly that will increase brand awareness and keep you in front of your prospects for when they plan to use your products or service. But when use incorrectly, people will forget your company easily and won’t to cooperate with your company.You need to put thought and effort into the promotional products you choose.

Choose your audience like rather than you like. One of the most common mistakes businesses make when buying promotional products is selecting a product that you like.You should keep in mind that your promotional products are shown for audience,considering what types and design they will be like.This will help you find a product that your customers and prospects will enjoy.
Putting useful information in promotional products. A common mistake that businesses make is putting too much or too little information on their promotional items.You should express the most important information that you want your audience known. Consider the goal of your campaign, and include the information that will be most effective towards making it a reality.

Buy promotional products in advance. There are many companies waiting until the last minute to order the products.It’s a cost much way and often make mistakes in the production.If you know you have the desire for promotional products recently, you should have a plan to buy it before the using time.Finding the promotional products before you need that will helping your marketing and advertising strategy.

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